v-life Productions is an audiovisual production company located in Barcelona and specialized in Virtual Reality (VR) content creation. Our main products are VR180 (Video 180 3D), VR360 (Video 360) , and V-TOURS (panoramic photography).

We also organize VR public showrooms, to attract customers to your business

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Our most exclusive, cutting edge VR 3D product

Granting the spectator the maximum sensation of virtual presence and immersion, our 180 degree 3D VR presentations may be used to assume the virtual point of view of a live human avatar or are equally effective in capturing observer or fly on the wall types of viewing perspectives.

We developed our exclusive 180 degree 3D process in 2016 at a time when no pre built solutions for shooting in 180 3D existed on the market and have since amassed extensive production experience shooting in this format.

Samples of our past VR180 work
"Mystic Caravan - Baby I wanna now"

Immersive video-clip of a live rock and roll performance.

Includes multiple POV of the performers

"Proof of concept VR commercial video"

This video emulates how could a commercial of a perfumme be.

Features a POV of the performer and then multiple third-person views

VR Cooking lesson

Exploring the possibilities of VR, this video puts you in the position of a professional cook, in the style of TV cooking programs.

Includes third person and first person camera positions.

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Using the latest available technology

Already very present on the audiovisual scheme, and applied to almost every area, VR360 videos keep being a excelent product able to produce a unique experience to your spectators.

Spanning a full 360 degrees around a central filming point, our 360 product delivers a unique virtual reality experience to your viewers with a somewhat weaker 3D effect than our 180 degree videos. Our 360 degree service may also be applied to traditional 2D environments via postproduction and editing.

Sample of our past VR360 work
Fitness Choreography

Fitness choreography recording using 360 space

Recorded uning a 6 Go-Pro rig


Panoramic photography for your business

A product widely distributed today, mainly used in Google Maps and similar environments.

Location mapping via static 360 degree photography served via a browsable environment. Widely adopted and commonly integrated into Google Maps and similar applications.


Designed for exibitions, events, or formation

Designed for recreation or business formation we create an impressive virtual experience catered towards your targeted audience. VRL also offers full technology and human resource assitance required for the operation and showcasing of your finished virtual experiences.

VR-EXPERIENCES has already been tested in many environments, and perform very good attracting and impressing your targeted audience. We give your business all required technology and support on human resources needed for the operation and showcase of the product.


VR Technological formation for professionals

Formed in January 2016,v-life have extensive experience in early VR technology and offer full foundational support and guidence for businesses new to this space, be it for recreational applications or intensive technical course development.